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What‘s in the Name?

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, “86” is a slang term that is used in the American popular culture as a transitive verb to mean throw out or get rid of, as a term to describe an item no longer available, or to refuse service to a customer.

Our Vision

Provide practical real-world insights and solutions to unlock the full potential of small to medium sized companies through operational performance and financial structure.

What We Do


If you are the CEO of a startup or an entrepreneur, the 86 Group is the place where you can find all the expert advice and help to effectively plan and achieve your goals. For several years in a row, we have been assisting small and medium sized businesses to beat out the competition and grow faster than expected. When at the developing stage, entrepreneurs have to deal with a number of issues and challenges and find enough time to make the most of the opportunities available in the target market. If lack of resources, paucity of time and clarity of vision are preventing you from achieving your dreams, let us join hands and devise well-devised strategies together for business development, capital increase, equity raise, exit planning etc.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Good Decisions

Better Decisions Through Smart Business Experiments

For Businesses, financial performance and shareholder value invariably come down to the quality of the leadership’s decision-making.

More often than not, however, key decisions are clouded by changing assumptions, endless debate or ill-defined goals. In the belief that its decisions are sound, management leaves enormous value on the table. Improving decisions-and how they’re made. The 86 Group is a strategic management development group that helps Entrepreneurs raise the quality of their decisions-and their decision-making processes. Finding opportunities in uncertainty. In a world of moving targets, shifting terrain and unknown outcomes, The 86 Group is committed to helping key decision-makers achieve lasting improvements in performance and value creation. We help clients solve complex business problems by applying expertise in operations, finance, growth, and exit strategies.

The 86 Group’s Core Practice

The 86 Group offers a variety of services. However, our core practice is in the following areas:







The 86 Group promised we would not be just another client - and they deliver on that every day

David Brown
86 Group Client

The 86 Group promised we would not be just another client - and they deliver on that every day

David Brown
86 Group Client

After a long stint managing a construction company, I decided it was time to leave and go see more of the world. But I had no idea how to exit. I have no family to pass on the agency to and none of my key employees were in a position where they could take on the responsibility of managing and owning an entire business. I approached the 86 group through a friend’s recommendation and they were extremely professional and helpful. They were able to outline four potential exit strategies for me, and showed me which one would leave me the best off. I ended up selling the business to a third party and was able to exit just the way I wanted, so thank you 86!

Julia Slater
86 Group Client

Working at the 86 Group is great. There is nothing I have wanted more than to be of help to people, and at the 86 Group, I am given an outlet to do just that. What’s more, the office culture is simply incredible! Everyone is super friendly and ready to give a hand whenever there’s a tricky problem. The leadership is great and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I have worked in some toxic environments before, which is why this place is such a breath of fresh air to me.

Paul Walker
86 Group Client

Great experience. We originally hired 86 for a business valuation, then hired them to sell our business. They were very professional and assisted us throughout every aspect of the process.

Kenneth Rego
86 Group Client

I worked personally with Cory Strickland over the past 6 years. I’ve hired them multiple times and will continue to use them.

Max Wilson
86 Group Client

Provides a strong value proposition for the Client.

David Brown
86 Group Client

I became acquainted with Cory as the Broker of a business I was buying. I was having trouble getting financing. Since then, I have used Cory for raising capital for expansion and the acquisition of other businesses. A real pro!

Sharon B.
86 Group Client

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