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High costs, slow, inflexible, inefficient, antiquated. These are all descriptions that some Business Owner’s may use to describe their current operations. However, a carefully developed and honed business strategy paints a completely different picture of how things are supposed to look. This disconnect, the failure to translate business strategy into operational reality, is a significant challenge for most leadership teams.

Businesses Must Achieve

Behavioral Change

In order to compete in today’s continually changing environment while increasing efficiencies, companies will have to retool, reassess, and reposition themselves more often than they have had to in the past. Despite their best efforts at delivering improvement programs that focus on people, companies have tended to allocate resources to the aspects of projects they can most likely control – process and technology. The 86 Group has found that changing processes and technology is just not enough. To achieve the full return on investment of any business initiative, companies must achieve true behavioral change from their employees.

We Have The Solutions

The 86 Group’s effectiveness practice provides solutions that bridge the gap between business strategy and employee performance to enable successful behavioral change and deliver business results. We bring over 25 years experience in change management , organizational strategy & design, training, coaching and leadership development.


The saying, “Culture eats strategy for Iunch.” has become common amongst businesses that have been unable to shift to new and more effective operating models. Our solutions will assist companies with identifying cultural issues preventing effective employee performance.


The inability to have true behavioral change can stem from reasons such as employee skill gaps, poor leadership and lack of collaboration and teamwork. Our solutions help to identify the root cause and provide actionable plans to address the issues. We work alongside employees at the location where the work gets done to coach them through behavior change.


Great strategies are only great when employees can translate strategy into action. Our solutions include assessing how effectively employees are translating strategy, and providing a process for creating a roadmap for better articulation.


Change is inevitable, and companies who move through change successfully focus on the employee as much as the process and technology. Our long-standing and proven organizational change management methodology provides companies with activities and deliverables to accelerate the pace of change.


A well designed and implemented organizational structure provides employees with a blueprint for getting work done. Our solutions assist companies with developing and implementing organizational structures that support business strategy, so employees clearly navigate the organizational landscape needed to achieve optimal performance .

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