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Business valuations are required in Texas for many instances including buy/sell agreements, mergers, succession planning, divorce, shareholder disputes, partner buy-outs and more.


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Business Valuation: Do you really know the value of your most valuable asset?

A solid business valuation, when done correctly, should stand up to the scrutiny of your potential buyer.

How Can a Business Valuation Help My Company?

Many business owners think they know how much their business is worth, but without a professional business appraisal or valuation, risk seriously undervaluing their largest asset at exit.

From financial analysis, through to highlighting intangible assets, our comprehensive Business Valuation service provides our clients with a valuation which is a true reflection of their company.

Business valuations provide investment groups and business owners with multiple facts and figures representing the actual fair market value of the company based on the current Dallas-Fort Worth market, competitors, assets, business expenses, and business revenue.

Business Valuation Calculator

This business valuation calculator is an estimated valuation and does not replace a comprehensive business valuation or professional business assessment.

Getting the RIGHT Business Valuation

A proper business valuation based on reliable valuation methods by an experienced business valuation expert is vital when selling your business.

Some of the data included in a business appraisal/valuation include:

  • Comparable Transaction Review
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Enterprise Value Determination
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Financial Recasting
  • Intangible Asset Review
  • Market and Industry Review
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Pro Forma Financial Analysis

As business valuation experts, The 86 Group will perform multiple business analysis and valuations methods to determine the best possible valuation for your business.

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