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The 86 Group is passionate about helping people achieve their goals of business ownership.

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Buy A Business in DFW

The 86 Group can take the hassle, frustration, and confusion out of buying a business.

Whether you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity in a new field, or you are seeking to expand your existing business through strategic acquisition, an experienced local business brokerage who understands the Dallas business market can help.

Working together with you, we guide you through the steps to buy a business. We participate in the due diligence process, assist in negotiations with the seller and coordinate the documentation of the deal closing.

A business broker can be hugely beneficial in helping someone find the right business or franchise in which to invest.

Their expertise in understanding financial statements, business operations, the process of buying a business in Texas, knowledge of the Texas laws involving the sale of businesses can play a vital role in getting a fair price when buying a business.

Buy An Existing Business

The 86 Group can help your transition into business ownership an easier process.

Becoming your own boss involves a risk. You can start a business from scratch or you can buy an existing one.

Buying an existing business has many advantages over starting a brand new business.

Established businesses have a track record. Existing businesses have experienced employees, an established customer base and are already generating cash flow and profits.

Buying An Existing Business In DFW

New entrepreneurs are often concerned about buying an existing business. After all, if the business is up for sell, it must not be profitable, right?

Not true.

Dallas is a very active business community. Business owners sell their companies for many reasons. Most often, it’s so they can retire.

Gone are the days where it’s standard practice to continue running the family business generation after generation, so they must sell, even when it’s thriving. View businesses for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Perks Of Buying An Established Business

As a buyer, there are many reasons why buying an existing business can be a good option.

Your Next Step Costs Nothing


You probably have questions about the future, and potential exit strategies for your business, questions that you should only put in the hands of a leading M&A advisory firm. We welcome a phone call to discuss next steps.


You may not have time to call - we know how demanding your schedule can be. But you may still have questions you need answered. When convenient, send us a message and we’ll be glad to assist.

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Thousands of business owners attend our FREE life-changing meeting each year – it’s time you were one of them. If you want to capitalize on current market conditions and are ready to get an unrivaled education on growing and understanding your exit options, don’t hesitate – contact our brokers to schedule a Strategic Planning Meeting.