Efficient & Flexible Capital Raise Solutions

Get the Funds You Need to Match Your Goals

Acquisitions, organic growth plans

Acquisitions, organic growth plans, or a reduction in personal risk all require capital.

Raising capital for your business is complicated and time consuming. If you have growth plans or want to pursue an acquisition, you need an expert on your side that has current knowledge of the market and the capital raise options available.

Our growth capital advisors have experience in raising all types of debt and equity capital to maximize financial and operational flexibility.

We Successfully Raise $1M-$25M for Texas Businesses

Our resources are your resources

Our resources are your resources. We have an abundant list of capital sources who are ready for opportunities in the lower middle market.

We do our due diligence to know your goals

We do our due diligence to know your goals. Our growth capital advisors help you determine the right amount and types of capital you need.

Our skilled capital raise experts get to work for you

Our skilled capital raise experts get to work for you. With your goals and needs in mind, we match you with the right capital sources at the right price.

M&A Tips & Insights

Interested in exploring exit strategies for your Texas business?

By The 86 Group | October 11, 2022

With rising interest rates, many business owners have reached out to us to explore their options for a full or partial exit of their business.  Perhaps you have considered your own exit options. Growing, merging or selling your business isn’t a decision that is made overnight. The best business decisions are months or even years…

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Timing is everything when selling a business in Texas

By The 86 Group | October 4, 2022

You know the familiar saying in real estate: location, location, location. Well, when it comes to selling a business in Texas, our saying is timing, timing, timing.  The timing of when you sell your business can make an enormous difference in what you take away from the closing table. For that reason, deciding when to…

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