Interested in exploring exit strategies for your Texas business?

By The 86 Group | October 11, 2022

With rising interest rates, many business owners have reached out to us to explore their options for a full or partial exit of their business.  Perhaps you have considered your own exit options. Growing, merging or selling your business isn’t a decision that is made overnight. The best business decisions are months or even years…

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Timing is everything when selling a business in Texas

By The 86 Group | October 4, 2022

You know the familiar saying in real estate: location, location, location. Well, when it comes to selling a business in Texas, our saying is timing, timing, timing.  The timing of when you sell your business can make an enormous difference in what you take away from the closing table. For that reason, deciding when to…

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sell-texas-business-above valulation

3 Keys to Selling Your Texas Business Above Valuation

By The 86 Group | September 27, 2022

When you decided to start a business, the idea may have come overnight, but the actual execution took time. Sometimes a lot of time. The same is true when you are ready to sell your business and make your exit. This decision doesn’t come quickly. It takes a lot of thought and debate. The process…

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exit texas business

Embracing the Journey to Exit Your Texas Business

By The 86 Group | September 13, 2022

“Patience is the companion of wisdom” – Saint Augustine. Enhancing the value of a business and ensuring it is ‘buyer ready’ is often the longest phase of the exit journey. That’s why you should take people’s estimates of ‘5+ years’ to achieve an exit with a pinch of salt. If you lay this groundwork early…

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rate of return when buying a business

What is the Reasonable Rate of Return when Buying a Business?

By The 86 Group | August 30, 2022

In this video, Lane Carrick, Managing Director at The 86 Group and Ronald Skelton, host of How2Exit podcast discuss a reasonable rate of return buyers can expect when buying a business, and the reasoning behind it.   Looking to buy a business in Texas? Check out our latest listings.

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Ready to Sell Your Texas Business? Becoming Buyer Ready

By The 86 Group | August 16, 2022

Exiting a company is a process, not an event. While it all eventually comes down to the exciting moments of signing documents and shaking hands, this is only possible after months and years of careful planning, strategic and tactical growth, and clear guidance by an experienced M&A advisor. Without utilizing  time and expertise, there are…

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Is Your Business Broker Setting You Up for False Hope

By The 86 Group | August 2, 2022

In this video, Lane Carrick, Managing Director at The 86 Group and Ronald Skelton, host of How2Exit podcast discuss a very common scenario in the business brokerage field – telling the seller their business is worth more than the market will bear. Lane and Ron give their best advice for sellers who find themselves in…

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how much is my texas business worth

How Much is My Texas Company Worth?

By The 86 Group | July 21, 2022

That is a question we are often asked at The 86 Group. The answer is it all depends… When doing your own research, be very wary of anyone telling you what your business is worth without doing a thorough evaluation of the company, its earnings, its end markets, its growth prospects, its key employees, and…

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Top 3 Business Valuation Mistakes to Avoid

By The 86 Group | July 5, 2022

Many business owners think they know how much their business is worth, but without a professional business appraisal or valuation, risk seriously undervaluing their largest asset at Exit.  A mistake can cost you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.  When the time comes for a business valuation, avoid these top 3 mistakes. Using…

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The 86 Group - Buyer Demand is High in Texas

Buyer Demand is High for Businesses in All Industries in Texas

By The 86 Group | June 21, 2022

The current state of the Mergers & Acquisitions market in Texas is very favorable toward businesses like yours. Buyer demand is high, while inventory is low, making now a great time to sell or expand your company through strategic acquisition. We’ve seen demand for businesses in all industries stay high despite the war in Ukraine,…

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