Exit Strategy Planning



Exit Strategy Planning

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Exit Strategy Planning

Maximize the attractiveness, liquidity and market value of your business with The 86 Group.

Exit strategy planning services from The 86 Group guide you through the discovery, development and execution of your exit plan.

A business exit plan asks and answers all of the critical questions you must consider when exiting your company.

Having a solid business exit plan is crucial. However, research shows that 75% of all private business owners do not have an exit plan. As a result they often end up getting too low a price for their business, paying too much in taxes or both.

Exit strategy planning is a process that requires strategic direction and tactical implementation. Our approach maximizes the underlying value of the business from a future buyer’s perspective.

No matter your exit strategy, it is critical to conduct the sale with the help of a professional business broker. A trusted business brokerage firm like The 86 Group keeps your sale confidential, offers the utmost expertise in valuing your business, and helps you achieve optimal exit positioning for maximum return.


Positioning your business for success

Our Dallas business brokers work with business owners to develop and execute a detailed exit strategy that fits personal and professional goals and maximizes the value of the business.

We take a collaborative approach to helping you create a defined exit strategy that is right for you. A solid exit strategy covers all the personal, financial, legal, tax and estate planning areas related to the exit.

Valuation is an art and a science where experience counts. Our business brokers can be instrumental in identifying your business’ hidden assets and the true value of your business in the Texas market. With our expertise and commitment to the highest standards, gain peace of mind that your business valuation will be well reasoned, clear, and supportable.

Succession planning is the difference between a business stumbling or succeeding. The 86 Group helps you through the process of addressing the complex emotional, financial and tax-related issues that surround ownership and management succession to ensure successful transition of your business.

When selling a business or franchise in Texas, you need an experienced local business brokerage who understands the business market. Our Dallas business brokerage firm will walk you through every step of selling a business and help you maximize value and minimize time on the market.

Strategic Planning Session

Prepare For Your Exit (Even if it's years from now)

Maximize the attractiveness, liquidity and market value of your business with The 86 Group.

Your Next Step Costs Nothing


You probably have questions about the future, and potential exit strategies for your business, questions that you should only put in the hands of a leading M&A advisory firm. We welcome a phone call to discuss next steps.


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