How Important is an NDA When Selling My Business?

In this video, Garrett McWilliams, director of financial services of The 86 Group, explains why a non-disclosure agreement is essential to the business brokerage process.

Non disclosure agreements are one of the most important documents that a potential buyer will need to sign to get a closer look at your business.

This document is important in protecting your confidentiality and personal information during the sale of your business.

An experienced M&A firm needs to vet every potential buyer for your business and makes sure an NDA is signed before they receive any information about your business.

Here at The 86 Group, our legal advisors create iron-clad NDA documents to protect our sellers, and we vet every potential buyer and track every signed NDA that goes through our office.

When you’re ready to sell, you need to hire an experienced M&A firm that keeps the information about the sale of your business strictly confidential. Schedule a consultation with The 86 Group today!