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Acquisitions are complex, confusing and have many
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Let The 86 Group’s M&A experts help guide you through acquiring your next business.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions experts manage the entire process for you, from business valuation to negotiations. The 86 Group strives to get you the best deal.

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Why Trust The 86 Group for Mergers & Acquisitions?

The 86 Group Texas business brokersWe have your best interest in mind.

We have your best interest in mind. Negotiations in corporate acquisitions not only involve buyers and sellers, but also investment banks and lawyers. Your 86 Group M&A expert negotiates on your behalf ensuring that your goals are met.

The 86 Group Texas business brokers- The minute details are off your plate.

The minute details are off your plate.
We oversee all the activities of your transaction including the coordination of work associated with the legal, accounting, and tax aspects giving you peace of mind.

Our advice doesn’t end at the closing table.

Our advice doesn’t end at the closing table. Your 86 Group M&A expert will assist you post merger integration ensuring both companies seamlessly come together.


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A business valuation error can mean a difference in thousands,
if not millions of dollars.

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