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4 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Business

Selling a Business? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Selling a business comes with its fair share of challenges. if you don’t know how to go about it. The best plan of action is to develop a good selling strategy to get an optimal value for the sale. While it’s not easy to sell a business, you can avoid the challenges that many people face by getting all the information and resources you need. Here are common mistakes that many people make when selling a business:

 Not Knowing the Value of your Business

One of the major reasons that sellers find it difficult to find potential buyers for their businesses is not having an in-depth understanding of their businesses’ actual valuation. If you fail to know how much your business is worth, chances are that you will have very high and unreasonable expectations that will limit you from selling it within a short time. If the gap between a seller’s expectations and the actual price of a business is huge, it will be problematic to find a willing buyer. The only way you can avoid this mistake is to determine the realistic worth of your business before you put it on sale. Thus, if you are selling your business, make sure that you know its actual value.

Choosing To Take On the Process of Selling a Business Alone

Another major mistake that business owners make when selling their businesses is not consulting with experts during the selling process. You may be good in operating your business, but that doesn’t mean that you are equally good in selling it. Without professional help and advice, you might end up making costly mistakes that would have been avoided if you chose to involve experts. For example, involving a broker will help you to market your business and get multiple prospective buyers for you to settle for the highest price. Additionally, a lawyer can help you with the legal advice you need as you sell your business. Save yourself major setbacks by involving the right people in selling your business.

Violating Confidentiality

During the process of selling a business, sellers should be careful not to breach confidentiality. It’s prudent to confine the details of your business sale plans among the people involved in the process only. If the wrong people get to know that you are selling your business, and the finer details involved, this might negatively affect its eventual sale. For example, sales from your business are likely to go down, and the relationship between you and your employees can grow cold. Consequently, the value of your business will go down. Meaning that you might not get a buyer sooner, or you might have to sell it at a lower price.


This is a big mistake that sellers often make. Misrepresenting your business to portray it as a good deal before your prospective buyers can prove to be too costly. Falsification involves exaggerating financial information, altering projections, and hiding the weaknesses of the business. Eventually, prospective buyers will come to know that you have been misrepresenting your business. This will push them away from you and can even attract legal action against you. The good thing is to be truthful when selling your business. You can never go wrong with being honest.

Why You Need To Work with a Business Broker

Indeed, the above-mentioned mistakes are so costly that they can make it difficult for you to sell your business. However, you can choose to work with a broker to help you avoid these mistakes. A business broker has the expertise and knowledge needed to have a successful selling process of your business. For example, a business broker not only advise you on the importance of knowing the actual value of your business, but also helps you on how to determine its worth. This way, you will not miss out on potential buyers.

Additionally, a business broker plays a pivotal role in marketing your business and helping you get several buyers. This is critical it gives you a strategic positioning to get the highest price for your business. Moreover, business brokers understand the significance of confidentiality. So you will be assured of advice on the same so as to maintain the integrity of the selling process.

Selling a Business with The 86 Group

A business broker will guide you and be a valuable resource to help you avoid any mistakes that you can make as you sell your business. Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you contact a competent, highly proficient, quality service, and cost effective business brokerage firm like The 86 Group for a smooth and effective selling of your business. Contact the top Dallas business brokers at The 86 Group by calling (469) 965-8686. Our experts will walk you through every step of the selling process to ensure a successful and valuable transaction.

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