Ready to Sell Your Texas Business? Becoming Buyer Ready

Exiting a company is a process, not an event. While it all eventually comes down to the exciting moments of signing documents and shaking hands, this is only possible after months and years of careful planning, strategic and tactical growth, and clear guidance by an experienced M&A advisor.

Without utilizing  time and expertise, there are many ways that your exit can fail to fulfill its potential:

  • You exit at a time when company growth is stagnating or declining, making it less appealing in the eyes of buyers
  • You fail to identify and take straightforward steps that could boost your company’s value to buyers
  • You only market your business to a handful of suboptimal buyers, who won’t pay a premium or protect the legacy you have built
  • You exit during a buyer’s market rather than a seller’s market, giving leverage to those looking to acquire your company

These are just a handful of the pitfalls an inexperienced, impatient, or unprepared seller can trip into. Remember: It is never too early to start planning your exit and building a buyer-ready business. Even if you have no intention of leaving for several years, laying this groundwork early will put you in a great place to time your exit to perfection, and make this process as efficient and valuable as possible.

That’s what our team at The 86 Group – a Generational Group Company specializes in – advising businesses on how they can achieve meaningful, consistent growth, to both enhance their prospects and present a more attractive proposition to buyers later in the journey.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your business buyer ready, schedule a confidential consultation today, we’re looking forward to helping you with one of the biggest opportunities of your life.