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Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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Learn From The Failures of Others

Business consulting and coaching services are available by experienced business brokers to help businesses fix their broken business and return it to profitability.

When small businesses first develop a business plan they are excited about their future. Failure isn’t something any business owner wants to think about, but it’s important to understand common pitfalls that put new and existing businesses at risk.

How Do Small Businesses Avoid Failure

One way is to learn from the mistakes of other small businesses that have failed.

Every unsuccessful business closed for a reason. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Money – Lack of working capital
  • Poor business practices
  • High Overhead
  • Ineffective Marketing

Protect your business from the devastation of closed doors by investing in resources to help avoid these common pitfalls.

Raise Capital To Save Your Business

Financial resources are available to help businesses owners work through their cashflow money struggles with working capital. Our investment banking advisory services can help you raise capital for your company.

There are many lending options for businesses. One of the most common lending sources is SBA loans.  SBA loans can be used for working capital, and a business doesn’t need perfect credit to qualify.

Often capital restructuring is important to help a struggling business recover. The 86 Group has financial experts who specialize in helping companies fix their business and restructure their debts and finances.

To speak to a business finance specialist, contact us for a free risk-free assessment.

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