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The 86 Group is a Dallas Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory firm representing entrepreneurs in selling, buying, growing, or fixing their business.


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Why Looking For A Business Broker Starts With Reading Reviews

Whether you're selling your Texas business or buying a new one, it's important to get the best business broker to work on your behalf.

When you read through business broker reviews and testimonials, you will see a snapshot of how the brokerage represented the business owner throughout the process. 

The support of a business broker who knows the local market and who has experience as a business owner, can have an invaluable impact on making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible with the best outcome. 

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If you have a problem selling your business for a fair price just call 86 Group and they will surely help you like they did for me last month. Recommended without any doubt!
Stewart MacDonald
86 Group Client
After a long stint managing a construction company, I decided it was time to leave and go see more of the world. But I had no idea how to exit. I have no family to pass on the agency to and none of my key employees were in a position where they could take on the responsibility of managing and owning an entire business. I approached the 86 group through a friend’s recommendation and they were extremely professional and helpful. They were able to outline four potential exit strategies for me, and showed me which one would leave me the best off. I ended up selling the business to a third party and was able to exit just the way I wanted, so thank you 86!
Julia Slater
86 Group Client
Great experience. We originally hired 86 for a business valuation, then hired them to sell our business. They were very professional and assisted us throughout every aspect of the process.
Rego K.
86 Group Client
I was buying a business with my friend and it was our first ever business challenge, as we used to be Oil & Gas contractors for 20 years. We did not want to risk a penny and decided to refer to the experts. And so we did and now we are happy and stable owners of our own restaurant with the network growth potential.Trust these people!
Murchison Dibella
86 Group Client
Hands down the best team I've ever worked with. Bill and Cory were very professional and efficient in helping me buy my business. These guys really know their trade and want to help you. I would definitely recommend them.
John Banks
86 Group Client
I needed to get a loan to save and develop my parcel delivery enterprise but I am not strong in this loan application issues.These people Cory and Bill helped me a lot with their expertise and I got what I needed. Thank you!
Warren Kerr
86 Group Client
My mother passed down the business she owned to me. I did my best to keep it afloat and financially secure but for many reasons, I just could not do so. I contacted the 86 Group as a last ditch attempt to save my business. I didn’t have a lot of hope in the beginning, but the 86 were able to identify certain variables I could change in order to save the business and then found someone to buy the business. I can’t thank the 86 enough for keeping my mother’s dream alive!
Emily Murillo
86 Group Client
What a pleasure working with The 86 Group. Their entire process was smooth. From my initial point of contact to our meeting and their description of services including helping me grow and sell my business. Bill Bromley was a pure professional. He cared about my business and it showed throughout his work. I will always refer this company. To sum it all up, Impressive! This firm and Bill are must hires.
Diane Bigsby
86 Group Client
The 86 Group came recommended from a friend, and now I see why – from the initial meeting to the completion of our project they were great to work with. I would also recommend them to my friends.
Valerie Holland
86 Group Client
Was a pleasure to work with such professionals like Cory and Bill.They knew from A to Z what to do to develop my small business and what to do if it does not go up and how not to lose money. I felt very comfortable with them
Sophia Hartigan
86 Group Client


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