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What to Look For in a Business Brokerage Firm

Have you decided to sell off your business? If you said yes, you should consider hiring a business brokerage firm for the successful execution of the sale plan. Selling off an established business can be difficult for someone who has no prior experience of the same. It might also get difficult sometimes to get your deserved price if you are unaware of the right selling tactics. At times, businesses had to stay hanging for a very long time to find a suitable buyer for the business. If you want to sell your business for an excellent price and at the soonest, you must consider hiring a company offering business brokerage services.

Why Hire a Business Brokerage Firm?

Business brokers have an important role to play in the business market. They are highly knowledgeable and well-experienced of helping the trade of businesses. Their presence has helped several businesses to devise a successful sale plan for selling off their business. Some business owners decide to go at the process alone, or even worse, they end up working with a broker that charges them outrageous fees for undedicated service. As important it is to hire a brokerage company for helping in the business sale, it is equally important to hire the right company. If you unknowingly hire an inexperienced broker, you might end up losing out at the end. A wrong broker might prove to be detrimental to the business sale. Exercise caution when searching for a brokerage firm for your business.

Finding a Business Brokerage Firm

A business brokerage firm that is experienced and that can help you secure the highest price possible.  If you are living in Dallas, you would find several companies offering business brokerage services. As mentioned earlier, finding the right broker will greatly impact your business sale deal. According to the Dallas business brokers at The 86 Group, “The right business brokerage company will help you plan the sale of the business right from the start till the end i.e. completion of the sale deal.” “The following are some factors that you must consider before hiring any brokerage company.

Credibility and Associations

Before you hire any business broker, it is important to check their credibility first. The International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) and M&A Source are the most prominent associations that you can look to see if they are members of. Also, read online reviews to hear what former clients are saying. Their track record would speak about their credentials which would help you make a prudent decision.

Customer-Centric Approach

It is important to hire a business brokerage firm that is reputed for listening to their customers. As a business seller, you would expect the broker to genuinely listen to your needs and prioritize your interests over anything. Hence, the broker must have good communication with their clients that will allow them to understand their objectives. When the broker is a good listener, they will be able to acquire vital information about your business that will help them devise a good sales strategy.


Trustworthiness and confidentiality are two of the most important aspects when listing a business. The worst thing that can happen to a business is the employees or outside parties knowing that you are selling the business before officially closing the deal. You must trust that the business brokerage firm you are working with will not reveal to anyone that the business is on the market. Orr any additional information about the business in general. The connections a broker makes with prospective buyers must be well-monitored as well. In other words, ensuring a non-disclosure agreement is signed before revealing the name, location, inventory, employees, and other specific details about the business.

Selling your business might be a difficult job if you try selling it on your own. The right business brokerage firm can greatly help you to come out of troubled waters. If you are located near Dallas and searching for a reputable business brokerage firm to help you navigate selling or buying a business, call The 86 Group today. The 86 Group is DFW’s trusted and preferred business brokerage firm. Call 972-354-9112 now for a free business valuation.

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